About us

Uptownboost was created by passionate players trying to expand their services to those who need it and ease the access of things they need. We are focused on Security, Low Prices, High Quality Services, and above all, Your Satisfaction.

Some people don’t have the time or interest to dedicate to parts of a game, this is where boosting services come to play and we are more than happy to help you! 

All our boosts are done by us, no dealer fee, no broker, just you and boosters. This will reduce the total price you have to pay to get your hand on the services you desire.

Why Us?

At Uptownboost we value our customers above all. You can order your desired service while being assured your Character is in the hand of reliable and professional players. You can chat with us before placing an order to clear any questions!

Your security is one of our main concerns, and it starts at payment. You can complete your payment through Paypal, which is secure on its own. After completing your payment, your account security is on us.

 ‘Self Play’ boosts, no need to share us ANY account information. 

    At the end of the day, if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can always issue a refund!

    How does our Services Work?

    Ordering a service is easy! Just search what you need (And if you have any questions about it, we have an online chat!) and customize it the way it fits you and you want it, order it and that's it!

    After placing an order you will be contacted through Discord/Skype and we will instruct you further.

    Our Vision

    We started Uptownboost in XXXX and ever since we improved our services to service you with greater quality. Now, Uptownboost has completed over XXXX boosts and earned your trust. To this date, all our reviews on Trustpilot are positive and it is growing everyday, just like us!

    We strive to become better and bigger, to help anyone in need of a service!