Azshara’s Eternal Palace HEROIC Boost

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Here you can buy  New raid Azshara’s Eternal Palace Heroic Boost in WOW.  We will carry you with completing 8/8 bosses Azshara’s Eternal Palace raid.

Service includes:

  • Raid completed in HEROIC Mode - personal loot, including 8/8 bosses
    • Abyssal Commander Sivara
    • Rage of Azshara
    • Underwater Monstrosity
    • Lady Priscilla Ashvane
    • The Hatchery
    • The Queen's Court
    • Za'qul, Herald of N'Zoth 
    • Queen Azshara
  • Chance at 430ilvl+ loot for your character


  • World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth purchased
  • 120 Lvl Character 
  • Login and password in case of PILOTED mode, your account safety guaranteed


Best World of WarCraft (WoW) Europe and America and Ocenia Boost Service
PILOTED - when u don't have time you share your account and password and one of our team member will play with your char to complete the run for you
SELFPLAY - You will play by yourself with your char, no need to share any acc or password



Additional Loot (X3 / X5 / X7 Boosters)
You have the opportunity to buy additional X3 / X5 / X7 Boosters in our raids to increase the quantity of needed loot you will get from the raid. 



There will be 3 players with the same armor type as your toon in the raid who will trade all items they get to you. 


There will be 5 players with the same armor type as your toon in the raid who will trade all items they get to you. 


There will be 7 players with the same armor type as your toon in the raid who will trade all items they get to you.


Things you should know and get ready to

There's one limitation with common Battle for Azeroth loot system in which only items with lower item level than the ones player already has in the same item slot can be traded. Despite this, we guarantee that all of your assigned players will have higher item level than the basic item level of items dropped in this raid and will be able to trade you 99.9% of items they get. The only exceptions are Titanforged items of very high item level increase and Azerite Armor pieces (head, shoulders and chest items) which, with all our desire, can not be traded.