Ny’alotha, The Waking City Lore & Tips

Ny’alotha, The Waking City Lore & Tips

Ny’alotha, The Waking City is the latest, and the final raid available in Patch 8.3 of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. Ny’alotha is set after what happened in the Eternal Palace Raid. If you don’t recall, Azshara lured players into her trap and used their necklace power to break N’zoth, the corruptor, out of his chains.

Where is Ny’alotha

There was not much known about Ny’alotha, called the Sleeping City or the Dreaming City, prior to the raid. All we knew was that Ny’alotha was the realm of N’zoth where corruption is everywhere and is an alternative reality where Old Gods role Azeroth. As seen in the Visions of N’zoth Black Empire minions have taken all over Azeroth and corrupted everything. 

Since the release of N’zoth from titan prison during the fourth war (And after being freed by Azshara), he was trying to merge the two realities into one and also conquer everything in the normal realm but was faced with challenges from Champions of Azeroth and Wrathion at the end.

Black Empire

Black Empire is the army of the Old Gods after they were sent to the Azeroth that ruled Azeroth before being destroyed by the Pantheon Titans. After N’zoth was set free he tried to recreate the Black Empire and recreate the visions of Old Gods reigning over Azeroth and conquering everything.

Ny’alotha, The Waking City Raid

Ny’alotha, The Waking City was finally introduced as a raid (which a lot of people were expecting it as a whole zone) in Patch 8.3 as the final raid of the expansion. It features 12 bosses, 2 of them are N’zoth (Similar to Deathwing) and includes well known characters like Wrathion, Ra-den, and Il'gynoth as bosses.


Fast Tips to Defeat the Bosses

First bosses of Ny’alotha, same as most raids, are fairly easy to do and don’t have much hard tactics. We will go through the difficult Bosses of Ny’alotha and tips to defeat them!

  • Wing 1 consists of Wrathion, Maut, and The Prophet Skitra
  • Wing 2 consists of Dark Inquisitor, Vexiona, The Hivemind, and Ra-den
  • Wing 3 consists of Shad'har the Insatiable, Drest'agath, and Il'gynoth
  • Last Wing consists of Carapace of N'zoth, and N’zoth himself.


  • Tanks:
        • Taunt at 3 stacks of Shadow Wounds

        • Taunt adds spawning from raid members
  • General Tactics:
      • If you are affected by Devour Magic run from allies, but not too far because you need the zones.

      • Run into Devoured Abyss zones (the purple circles) when Maut is casting Stygian Annihilation

      • Move Dark Manifestation into Devoured Abyss when they start casting, and don’t let them near boss.

      • When Orb appear at phase 2, soak them as fast as you can and then go near allies.

    The Prophet Skitra

  • Tanks:
  • DPS:
        • Stay on boss, and when you are affected by Shred Psyche run away from the group, and after it expires run back to the group as fast as you can or you’ll risk dying.
        • When a player's Shred Psyche expires, they summon an add which casts Psychic Outburst. Let it finish the cast and Don’t go near them or you’ll die. After the cast is complete you can kill it safely.
  • General Tips:
      • You need group coordination during Phase 2, where you need to tell which illusion both groups share and defeat it fast before getting too many stacks.

      • Be sure to kill the right Illusion.

    Dark Inquisitor

    This boss is your average normal boss with normal tactics, except for one thing!
  • You will be marked before a void portal spawning. If you are marked, you can touch the orb. Don’t touch the orb if you don’t have the debuff. You need to pass the void orb to other raid members with the debuff (They are also marked and visible) and reach the void orb to the portal.


    This boss is probably the one most pugs have difficulties with. You need raid members knowing tactics and with good DPS.

  • Tanks:
        • Off-tank should taunt adds from raid members
  • Healers:
        • Keep the tank with the Despair buff full (or near full HP)
  • General Tips:
      • When the boss goes in the sky, the platform is divided into 3 sections. Vexiona selects one section and does massive damage to anyone on that section. Look up in the sky and see where Vexiona is and where she stays before breathing into the section.

    Vexiona about to target the middle section


    Ra-den have some different tactics but they are also not that much hard, except for a few you need to pay attention to.

  • General Tips:

  • N’zoth

    N’zoth is the last boss of Ny’alotha, the Waking City and he can be somewhat challenging for groups without coordination. Most of the tactics are new and not just the normal stuff. N’zoth’s encounter won’t start unless you do damage to him. So move in front of his face and then start!


  • Before starting the boss, it is probably best to pick a spot to immediately go to after N’zoth starts. 

        • This is because once you start the boss, you will go into an alternative phase where a mob named Psychus will leave a big purple circle behind every few seconds. You need to get back to your corpse so you should avoid the circle!
  • Tanks:
        • After going into the alternative phase (Mind Realm), move the Psychus near Exposed Synapses and dps should kill the Synapses fast. Defeating a Synapse near Psychus, increases his damage taken
  • DPS:
        • In the alternative phase, you should burn Exposed Synapses when Psychus is near them
  • General Tips:
      • After coming out of the alternative phase, if you plan to stay in the real phase (You can later go into the alternative phase) use your necklace (an action bar button will appear) to increase your sanity to 100

      • When the boss casts Mindgrasp, notice where it is pulling you. If it is pulling you to N’zoth, move to the edge of the platform, or if it's the other way around stand next to N’zoth

      • When Paranoia hits, You’ll be chained with another player. Move to them fast! And stack on top of each other

      • When Phase 2 starts, a big purple circle will appear. This is the gate to Mind Realm, and half of the raid should go in it. It is the same as starting N’zoth

      • If you reach 0 Sanity, You’ll get a debuff which increases your damage done and healing done, After that you’ll be mind controlled and have to be killed. Reaching 0 sanity is an option at the last phase where N’zoth will die faster than you.

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