Mythic Plus Dungeons

Mythic plus dungeons are an addition to normal Dungeons to make it more challenging. This feature was part of World of Warcraft: Legion added features to World of Warcraft. Below you can find all the info needed to get into Mythic+ dungeons.

What is Mythic Plus?

Mythic plus referred to as Mythic+, dungeons add increasingly scaling difficulty on top of the base difficulty of the initial dungeon. This increased difficulty is activated once [Mythic Keystone] is placed in Font of Power. Players can acquire Mythic Keystone by completing a dungeon on Mythic mode or any dungeon on Mythic plus difficulty. Mythic Keystone determines the level of Mythic plus dungeon. Each level gets harder and adds more difficulty, but with a reward.

The font of power is located inside each dungeon if the dungeon is on Mythic difficulty. Drag your keystone to the circle, or right-click on your Mythic Keystone to place it inside the Font of Power. After that, you need to activate the keystone to start the mythic plus dungeon (there are a few seconds wait before the "Activate" turns red and dungeon information is shown).

To activate the keystone, all of the party members should be inside the dungeon or you can't activate the keystone. After activating the keystone, a 10-second timer will begin and after that, you can start doing the dungeon.

Font of Power, used to activate Mythic Plus dungeons with Mythic Keystone

Mythic Plus dungeons have a timer limit, meaning that if you don't complete them in the given time you won't receive full rewards.

Scaling Difficulty

Each level increases enemies' health and damage inside the dungeon making the dungeon harder. 


Each Mythic+ dungeon is affected by affixes that add additional negative effects to the dungeon (Like increasing trash mob's health and damage). One affix is added at level 2, one at level 4, one at level 7, and the seasonal affix at level 10. All keystones have the same affixes for that week. Each week the affixes change.

Additional Information

  • You can't change items inside Mythic Plus dungeon.
  • You can't change party members.
  • You can't change talents or essences.
  • You can use potions, flasks, and food buffs.


How to Complete Mythic Dungeons

To complete a Mythic Plus dungeon players have to complete all the objectives. The objectives are:

  • Defeat all bosses in the dungeon
  • Defeat a fixed amount of Trash mobs inside the dungeon
  • (Optional) Complete the dungeon in the given time

Although the last part is optional, you should aim for it for extra loot reward and achievements.

Each dungeon timer and trash mob needed is different. Below you can see each mythic plus dungeon timer. Trash mobs counter is shown as a percentage bar on the right side of Dungeon UI. To complete the dungeon you must fill the progress bar.

Death Penalty

Each death inside a mythic plus dungeon reduces your remaining time by 5 seconds. You should avoid dying as the time lost due to death is more than 5 seconds because players have to respawn at the start of the dungeon and find their way back to the group.

Battle Resurrection

Some classes (Druid, Deathknight, Warlock, Engineers) can resurrect players while inside combat. At the start of the dungeon, you will start with a fixed amount of Battler resurrection charges, and gain more charges as time goes by.

Mythic Plus Dungeons Timer

Dungeon Timer +2 +3
Atal'Dazar 30:00 24:00 18:00
Freehold 33:00 26:24 19:48
King's Rest 42:00 33:36 25:12
Operation: Mechagon Junkyard 38:00 30:24 22:38
Operation: Mechagon Workshop 32:00 25:36 19:12
Shrine of the Storm 42:00 33:36 25:12
Siege of Boralus 36:00 28:48 21:36
Temple of Sethraliss 36:00 28:48 21:36
The MOTHERLODE!!! 39:00 31:12 23:24
The Underrot 33:00 26:24 19:48
Tol Dagor 36:00 28:48 21:36
Waycrest Manor 39:00 31:12 23:24


End of the Dungeon

To end a mythic plus dungeon, you have 3 options:

  1. Complete all objectives within the timer
  2. Complete all objectives out of the timer
  3. Leave the dungeon

If the Keystone that started the dungeon is yours, one of these three things can happen:

  • Complete within the timer:
        You will get full rewards (3 items base). Your keystone will be upgraded to the next levels based on the remaining time.

  • Complete out of time:
        You will get one fewer item (2 items). Your keystone will be downgraded by one level, to another random dungeon.

  • Leave the dungeon:
        You will get no rewards. Your keystone will be downgraded by one level, to the same dungeon.

For example, if you complete a Mythic +10 Freehold out of time, you will get a random +9 mythic keystone. If you leave the +10 Freehold, you will get +9 Freehold. But don't worry! You can always get a Mythic Plus Boost if you fail to complete the dungeon.

After completing the dungeon a chest will appear and you can loot your rewards. Each player will get a unique reward (Since there is only 3 loot base loot reward, not all party members get loot).


Mythic Plus dungeons reward players upon completion. After defeating the last boss and killing the required trash mobs, a chest will appear at the end of the dungeon (near the end boss).

Mythic plus rewards items from the dungeon you completed, with increased item level from the initial mythic item. Completing a mythic plus dungeon also grants and item at the weekly reset.

Aside from item rewards, there are achievement rewards tied to Mythic+, like Keystone Conqueror or Battle for Azeroth Keystone Master: Season Four (which is Ahead of the Curve/Cutting Edge version of Mythic plus dungeons)

Mythic Plus Item Table

Keystone Level End of Dungeon Weekly Chest
Mythic 2 435 440
Mythic 3 435 445
Mythic 4 440 450
Mythic 5 445 450
Mythic 6 445 455
Mythic 7 450 460
Mythic 8 455 460
Mythic 9 455 460
Mythic 10 455 465
Mythic 11 460 465
Mythic 12 460 470
Mythic 13 460 470
Mythic 14 465 470
Mythic 15 465 475


 Mythic Plus Weekly Reward

Completing a mythic plus dungeon will reward you at the weekly reset. This reward is based on your highest completed Mythic+ of the week (It doesn't need to be in-time), which you can see from the table above. You can collect your rewards from Challenger's chest which is located at Boralus (Alliance) and Dazar'alor (Horde).

Challengers chest, Mythic Plus rewards for end of the week

With the weekly reset you will get the following rewards:

  • A random item (Item level based on your highest dungeon)
  • Titan Residuum
  • Mythic Keystone (Lower than your best of the week)
  • Artifact Power

Patch 8.3: Items rewarded by Weekly chest can get corruption.

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