Gearing up Your Character in Battle for Azeroth

Gearing up a character is the main concern of level 120 characters in Battle for Azeroth. Gearing up in Battle for Azeroth is fairly easy though as you can earn gear in Battle for Azeroth patch 8.3 from multiple sources of activity.

How to gear up in Patch 8.3

Horrific Visions and N'zoth Assaults, new to patch 8.3, are added to the list of activities that award gear in patch 8.3. You can earn gear with almost any activities but higher item levels require more difficult activities like Mythic Ny'alotha raid or Mythic +15 Weekly Item which awards the highest item level.
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From Fresh Character Up to item level 445

When you first hit level 120 with a character, depending on what kind of activities you did to reach level 120, you are around item level ~390. The first thing you need to do after hitting level 120 is 8.3 questline which awards you some good items (430-445) and your legendary cloak (470 item level). This will greatly boost your item level. If you have friends to help you (or can find a group in Group Finder) through Mythic dungeons, clear them for 430 item level azerite armor and gear. You can also get an Item level boost if you can't find friends to help you!

Buy your 2 weekly bonus rolls from Dazar'alor (Horde) or Boralus (Alliance) and defeat the World Boss in Uldum or Vale of Eternal Blossom (Depends on the active Assault). World bosses in Uldum or Vale reward 445 Item level. After that you can defeat Nazjatar World Boss which rewards 415 item level. If Darkshore Warfront is active, complete it and if you can find a group that accepts you aim for Darkshore Warfront Heroic.

If you are lucky enough, you should be around ~410 item level. Don’t worry if you are not! Check for the Weekly quest in your adventure guide and if it rewards a gear, go for it!

PvE Weekly Quests (i.e Time Walking) rewards Normal or Heroic Ny’alotha gear. Normal Ny’alotha rewards 445 item level and Heroic rewards 460 item level (+10 if the items come from the last two bosses).

Horrific Visions, added in patch 8.3 rewards high item level gears depending on how many zones you clear. You can get multiple items from Horrific Visions. For example:

  • Clear 2 corrupted areas and defeat the main boss (Alleria/Thrall). This will award you a 430 item level gear)
  • Complete another horrific Vision, this time only defeat the main boss, or like your last run. This will award 420 item level gear.


Item Level Rewarded

Main Boss (Alleria/Thrall)


Main Objective + 2 Area


Full Clear


Full Clear + 1 Mask


Full Clear + 2 Masks


Full Clear + 3 Masks


Full Clear + 4 Masks


Full Clear + 5 Masks


Complete Mythic+ or Normal Mythic dungeons to get to item level ~440. If the emissary quests rewards you with items, don’t to them until you are around item level 410-420 to get the highest item level reward possible (their reward scale with your current gear)



Item level 445 to 460+

Once you hit item level 445, you don’t have many options to gear up your character in patch 8.3. Horrific Vision clears with extra masks give you 450+ item levels. You can get at least 5 items from doing Horrific Visions with masks (explained above).

Doing Mythic+ is your main source of fast gear up, as you can do them anytime you like, how many times you want. Mythic +10 drops item level 455 at the end of the dungeon and 465 loot at the weekly chest. You can complete up to Mythic +15 to get items Up to 465 loot end of the dungeon and 475 at weekly chest.

Your item way of getting items is from Ny’alotha, the Waking City raid. To get past item level 445 you need to do Heroic or Mythic Ny’alotha. Since the Hall of Fame for Ny’alotha is full, you can do it on Mythic difficulty cross-realm with pugs. Mythic Ny’alotha drops 475 item level and 485 item level from the last two bosses. Doing Ny’alotha on Mythic requires a coordinated group to perform a quick run and defeat bosses. It is suggested to do it with a guild, however you can clear the first few bosses with pugs easily. Heroic Ny’alotha is also a great source of Azerite Armors and items.

Gearing up past 450 usually takes around a week, to get your Mythic+ weekly item and Azerite armor from Titan Residuum. Don’t forget to get your 2x Weekly bonus roll for raids!

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